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Smart Door Viewer DZ518

Smart Door Viewer DZ518
Product name : Smart Door Viewer DZ518
Item :
Details :

Smart Door Viewer 
with Photo & Video Recording DZ518

Function & Features
1. Super Clear Image (configured with 2.0M High Definition Camera)

2. Photo Snapping & Video Recording function

3. Visible under ULTRA LOW Light illumination, Clear Night Vision with four InfraRed LEDs 
3. Support micro SD card (up to 32G) 
4. 3.5 inch Large & Full Color LCD Screen shows vivid images
5. Multi-Languages (8 choices available) 

Indoor Monitor

Outdoor Camera 

1.     4pcs Night Vision IR LED Lights 
2.     Built-in High Definition Camera, 120ºWide Angle Lens 
3.     Doorbell Button 



3.5 inch TFT LCD Screen


High Definition Color Camera Sensor, 120° Lens, Super Clear Image


Doorbell Function, 32 Types of Ringtone available

Micro SD

Support external micro SD (up to 32G)

No Disturb

The doorbell won't ring when No Disturb function enabled

Infrared LED

4pcs IR LEDs, Clear Night Vision
LEDs turn on automatically under Low Light

Zoom In/Out

Digital zoom in/out

Photo Taking

Automatically taking and saving photos into micro SD when pressing doorbell button

Video Recording

Press " " button, device will record video for 1 minute, and press it again to stop recording anytime


Press " " button to review video & photos on screen directly

Menu Setting

Press " " button to enter into the menu settings


Support 8 languages


4pcs AA batteries or 5V DC adapter

Date and Time

yy/mm/dd, mm/dd/yy, dd/mm/yy mode
Date and time can be marked on the photo and video

Low Voltage

Power icon flashes when battery voltage is low

Barrel Diameter


Door Thickness


Product Size

Indoor Monitor: 138x76x23mm; Outdoor Camera: 62x46x11mm



Step 1.  Rip off double-sided adhesive tape paper on the back of outdoor part and stick the outdoor part on door.  Insert the outdoor part barrel together with the FPCB cable to the peephole of door.



Step 2.  Rip off double-sided adhesive tape paper on the back of the metal bracket and fix the metal bracket on the door as following: 

Step 3.  Put the screw through the hole on metal bracket, and screw up it to the inner screw hole on the outdoor part barrel, until fasten the outdoor part to the metal bracket


Step 4.  Please put 4pcs AA batteries into the batteries cell of indoor host device, then buckle the data cable’s connector to the indoor host device as following: 

tep 5. Please keep metal bracket hook upward, and fasten indoor host device on the hook.


Package Content

Outdoor Camera                x1pc

Indoor Monitor                  x1pc

Metal Holding Bracket      x1pc

Screw                                 x4pcs

User Manual                      x1pcs

Power Adapter                  x1pcs (optional) 

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